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OC Library Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice (EDISJ)

This guide outlines the Okanagan College Library EDISJ Committee's mission, EDISJ goals, and recommended EDISJ-related resources.

Medium Term Goals (2023-2025)

Goal Area of Responsibility Action(s) Progress
1. An onboarding process is beginning to show effectiveness at integrating underrepresented employees into the organization. (GDEIB 5.12)  Library EDISJ Committee, Library Accessibility Committee, Assessment & Data Services Librarian Spreadsheet created to track which employees have undergone equitable hiring, onboarding, and exit-interview processes. In progress
2. Turnover is actively and regularly tracked with exit interviews to understand EDISJ issues and remove barriers to retention. (GDEIB 5.14)  Library Director Spreadsheet created to track which employees have undergone equitable hiring, onboarding, and exit-interview processes. In progress
3. Training is provided to employees on available technology support for mobility, disabilities, mental health, and flexible work arrangements. (GDEIB 7.12)  Library Accessibility Committee    
4. The library will regularly review and update the collection, considering how resources from and about equity-deserving groups are represented. Library EDISJ Committee and Collections and Metadata Librarian  Weeding procedures will be updated to include guidelines about removing harmful materials.  
5. Translations and other accessible formats are proactively integrated in internal (email, Teams chat, meeting minutes, etc.) and external (social media, website) communications. Communication uses plain language (without jargon and acronyms) that is location-sensitive and culturally competent. (GDEIB 9.14)  Library Accessibility Committee and Library EDISJ Committee    
6. The librarian responsible for social media and marketing will create a communications plan that provides guidelines for how to address socially charged issues and events related to EDISJ internally and externally, including in library displays and on social media. (GDEIB 9.10)  Librarian responsible for social media    
7. The library’s collections & cataloguing librarian and their staff seek opportunities to engage with and purchase from publishers and bookstores who supply materials from underrepresented authors or creators. (GDEIB 15.14).  Collections and Metadata Librarian Ordering from Mosaic Books is prioritized. Ongoing
8. The library will establish a Library Accessibility Advisory Committee.  Library Accessibility Advisory Committee Create and will join forces with Library EDISJ committee in Fall 2024.  Completed


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