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CMNS 137

Keywords & Phrases

For Wetlands research report:

Wetlands OR Marsh(s) OR Marshland OR Swamp(s) OR Slough OR Estuary OR Bog

Wetland Meadow(s)

Low Elevation Wetland(s) | High Elevation Wetland(s) | High Elevation Permafrost Wetland(s)

Seasonal Wetland(s)   arid | semi-arid   ecosystems | regions | areas

Wetland Restoration

Constructed Wetlands | Artificial Wetland(s) | Man-Made Wetland(s)

Endangered Species | Habitat Loss | Biodiversity

Ecosystem Services

Related terms for:  Managing Urban Watersheds

Watershed Remediation

Stream Daylighting  (also Creeks and Rivers)

Restoration ecology


Rainwater Harvesting -- Rainwater capture


Storm Water

Storm sewers

Urban watersheds 

Urban Drainage Design 

Urban run-off


Urban Watershed Management OR Planning


In Library databases and search engines, try the following:

  •  term truncation or wildcard:   wetland* finds wetland, wetlands     
  • ecolog*  finds ecology, ecologies, ecological, ecologist, ecologists
  • phrase searching:  "constructed wetlands"
  • Consider combining keywords with geographic terms: Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada, western Canada

(also look for Geography limiters alongside results from search engines like OCtopus)

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