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CMNS 137

Government of Canada - The Key Players - Water

British Columbia - Key Players - Water

What Besides H20 Could Be In Drinking Water in Canada

EPA Drinking Water Treatability Database

How the Cholera Epidemic of 1854, in Soho, London Lead to the Birth of Modern Epidemiology, Medical Cartography (Geographic Information Systems - GIS) in Public Healthcare, and the Development of modern Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Policies

Ergas, I., & New, J. (Directors). (2011). Snow. [Video]. University of Southern California.

Abstract:  "It is the summer of 1854 and a violent cholera outbreak has decimated the unseemly district of Soho, London. While the source of the outbreak remains unclear, the leading medical authorities blame the miasma, or poisonous air, which emanates from the nearby bone boiling establishments. When an unlikely physician, Dr. John Snow, uncovers an entirely different theory, he must piece together a scientific puzzle that will culminate in one historic moment, anointing Dr. John Snow as 'Father of Modern Epidemiology."

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