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DSCI 490: Capstone Data Science Project - Automotive - Winter 2024

Value of a Research Strategy

Creating a research strategy is always a good idea. It will:

  1. Get you focused on developing a good thesis statement

  2. Knowing the right question to ask will allow you to better explain it to a librarian.

  3. It will allow you to start developing a list of keywords and keyword phrases to use in your searching

  4. It can assist you to better manage your time

  5. It will allow you to develop a plan to manage the information that you discover and incorporate that information into your assignments.

Where Do I Find These Alternative Keywords

They're everywhere:

  1. Your Lectures and Lecture Notes

  2. Background Reference Sources

  3. Books, E-Books, Textbooks and E-Textbooks

  4. Journal Articles and their Reference Lists 

  5. Webpages - especially those from Universities and Colleges

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