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DSCI 490: Capstone Data Science Project - Automotive - Winter 2024

Factors influencing Tire Industry

Rolling resistance refers to the energy it takes to rotate the tires, affected by the friction caused when the tire surface meets the road. The Department of Energy estimates that 4 to 11 percent of fuel consumption is due to tire rolling resistance.

There have been significant strides in tire technology designed to improve fuel economy, driven in part by automakers trying to meet increasingly stringent fuel economy standards. Consumers also are eager to save at the pump, especially now.

Data from Statistics Canada

Statistics by subject

Navigate the subject list on Statistics Canada where you may find useful data under several categories, most notably the Automotive Statistics. On Automotive Statistics page, you can further find related data tables ranging from New motor vehicle sales, new motor vehicle registration, gross sales of gasoline and more.

Those data tables can be customized by province and year range for download. To find out how to do this, watch this How to use the data tables (4 min) tutorial.

Learn how to search for reports and data from this What's new on our website (2 min) video.

Examples of possibly useful data

Canadian Vehicle Survey (till 2009) data

The 2009 issue of Canadian Vehicle Survey is the final release as this survey had been discontinued. The series contains 38 tables showing the survey estimates for each year, including vehicle-kilometres tables by type of vehicle, jurisdiction, driver age group, etc. 

You can download datasets from this survey,  for example, datasets for passenger-kilometres, by type of vehicle and province are available in CSV format. These datasets are under Open Government Licence, free and accessible. Make sure you check it out and follow terms of use.

The Daily

News releases by Statistics Canada that provides useful summary reports and associated summary stats, for example, Repair and maintenance services subsector, 2020 

Reference data terminology used by Statistics Canada

Definitions, data sources and methods: This information is provided to ensure an understanding of the basic concepts that define the data, including variables and classifications, the underlying statistical methods and surveys, and key aspects of the data quality. Direct access to questionnaires is also provided.
Power from Data! glossary: These definitions provide information to those who have statistics-related questions but who do not require highly technical explanations.

Search on the web

Data repositories

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