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DSCI 490: Capstone Data Science Project - Automotive - Winter 2024

APA Citation

APA citation style. 

Image of the APA manualPublication Manual of the American Psychological Association( 7th ed.)

Consult the print version of the APA style manual in your campus library's Reference Collection for more in-depth information:
BF 76.7 .P83 2020

OC Library's APA Citation Style Resources

APA Style Examples from APA

Comprehensive list of online examples from APA

APA Style Guide from Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL)

The APA manual is the official style guides published by the American Psychological Association. Copies of the manual are available in the Library and the Bookstore. APA is the reference system for psychology, business, and health disciplines.

In-text Citation (Generic Example)

(Author(s), date)

Reference List Citation (Generic Example)

Surname, first initial. (date). Title. Source Title. Publication specific details.

OC Library APA Style Guide

  • Short guide to APA citation
  • Common examples & basic citation rules
  • Follows 2020 APA Publication Manual, 7th ed.
  • PDF version
  • APA uses an author-date citation format (ie. Smith, 2010)
  • Regardless of the resource you are citing, you will likely need an author, date, title, source, and specific format information (such as a volume number, page numbers, a URL, publisher, etc.).
  • The information required for your citation will depend on what you are citing (book, journal article, report, etc.) and the format (print, online).
  • What is a DOI and when do I need one? CrossRef offers a DOI look-up tool. Copy and paste portions of your citation and it will find the DOI if available. 
  • Keep track of your sources as you work. Backtracking to relocate a source can be time-consuming and frustrating


About Plagiarism

Plagiarism is in violation of the Academic Integrity policy.  Learn more about academic integrity and plagiarism by taking the new Moodle Student Academic Integrity course. 

See the OC Calendar 'General academic regulations and policies on plagiarism. "Plagiarism is the presentation of another person's work or ideas without proper or complete acknowledgement"    (Okanagan College [OC], 2013, Calendar).

Examples of plagiarism:

  • Copying phrases, sentences, pictures, statistics, graphs, videos or other information without citing the source
  • Failing to use quotation marks to indicate copied information
  • Summarizing or paraphrasing ideas or information without citing the original source
  • Listing a source on the References page but failing to refer to the publication within the body of the assignment.

"Students are responsible for learning and applying the proper scholarly practices for acknowledging the work and ideas of others". (OC, 2013, Calendar): This student responsibility applies in all formats (print, online and others).


Moodle Academic Intgrety Course

In September 2023, Okanagan College launched its latest version of the Moodle Student Academic Integrity course.  I highly recommend that you take the time to take the course.  Log in to your Moodle account, and you will find it on your course dashboard.  OC Librarians, Teaching Faculty, and Staff created this course. 


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