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POLI 101 Introduction to Politics

The Purpose of the LibGuide

The purpose of the is LibGuide is to assist students in completing their POLI 101 Introduction to Politics assignments.

Navigation for this LibGuide is found in the Left-hand column.  

Tabs  2 - 14 provide links to finding information in the Library, contact information for your Political Science Liaison Librarian, assignment instructions, and recommended information sources that can be used to complete your assignment.

Tabs 15 -19 provides information on planning your research strategy, understanding what a peer-reviewed journal article is, evaluating information, library services for students, and how to properly cite your information you use in your research paper. 

Tab 3 provides you with contact information for your Political Science Liaison Librarian who can help you with your research and citations. The Political Science Liaison Librarian is here to help you with your research and assignments. Contact them to book an appointment.

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