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Adult Upgrading - English 012 First Nations Focus Winter 2024

Primary Sources

Once you have a basic grasp of the subject area and where your research topic fits in, you can begin to review primary sources to see if they should be included in your research. Primary sources include original documents, manuscripts, case studies, first-person accounts from news articles, broadcast media, the Internet, speeches and lectures, field study interviews, etc.



Dissertations and Thesis

Dissertations, theses and other types of academic publications from Canadian Post-Secondary institutions can be accessed through Institutional Repositories (IR).  An IR is a digital archive of an institution’s intellectual output. These repositories also form part of a larger global system of repositories, which are indexed in a standardized way, and searchable using one interface, providing the foundation for a new model of scholarly publishing.

Dissertation and Thesis represent the culmination of work a candidate needs to complete to earn a Masters or Ph.D. They are usually large documents. They typically provide extensive Literature Reviews. Be prepared to invest a significant amount of your time when using this type of source.

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