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Adult Upgrading - English 012 First Nations Focus Winter 2024

OCtopus Refine Your Search Feature


How to Refine Your Search Results


  1. Relevance used by default

  2. The parameter provides three options to sort search results by Relevance, Date Newest (most recent date first) or Date Oldest (oldest date first).

  3.  Refine Result (Top of the Lefthand column of information on your search results webpage):

    1. Current Search lists parameters used in your search 

    2. You can turn parameters off and on.

  4. Set Your Limit To Filters.

  5. Selecting the Catalog Only (Books & Media) Limits your Searches to books, e-books, and media.

  6. Selecting the Scholarly (Peer Reviewed Journals)  Limits search results to peer-reviewed journal content. 

  7. Selecting the New Limiter is used to limit your search results to print books. 

  8. De-selecting the Available in the Library Collection & Online broadens your search results to include titles that the OC Library doesn't have in its collection. This also activates an ILL link for titles the OC Library doesn't hold so that the search can order them through InterLibrary Loan. 

  9. Date is used to set a date range.

  10. Resource Type filters the Search results to a specific format.

  11. Library Location is used to limit your Search Results to a specific campus library, or collection.

  12. Subject is used to display the Subject Headings found in the Search Results.

  13. Geography about or associated with a specific geographic location.

  14. Publisher. 

  15. Language.

  16. University.

  17. Limit by Database Search in a specific research database.

Tools (To Aid in Managing Your Information) Displayed When Detailed Record is Displayed, Found on the Right Side of the Webpage.

Save Tools

Print, E-Mail and Save Tools



Never trust the Citations you find in OCtopus. Always check them against the OC Citation Guides.  

Export and Create Notes

The Export function always the data to be exported to bibliographic citation software.


Create Note and Permalink functions.

Create a Note allows you to make a brief note for the records.

The Permalink tool generates a URL that when input into a browser takes the users directly back to the OCtopus record. 

Copy and paste the URL from the Permalink pop up that appears above the Detailed Record.




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