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GEOG 129 Human Geography: Resources, Development and Society - Winter 2024

Library Subject Guide for GEOG 129 Winter 2024

Value of a Research Strategy

Developing a research strategy is an effective method to efficiently use your time to access the appropriate information sources to complete your assignment.

It will:

  1. Help you better manage your time - time is the most scarce resource us possess.
  2. Get you focused on developing your thesis statement.
  3. Equip you with the right questions to ask - including helping to identify what you already know and more importantly what you do not know.
  4. Allow you to better describe and discuss your research requirements with others (professors, librarians. fellow students, etc.).
  5. Get started on developing a list of keywords and keyword phrases to use in your search strategies.
  6. Develop a plan to manage the information that you discover, determine what exactly you will use, record your required citation data for such use, and incorporate the information you have discovered into your research paper, presentations, etc. 

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