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GEOG 129 Human Geography: Resources, Development and Society - Winter 2024

Library Subject Guide for GEOG 129 Winter 2024

My Kingdom for the Right Keywords

Keywords and phrases are how we search in OCtopuse-journals, and research databases.

The best starting point to identify your keywords and phrases is to deconstruct the research topics and/or your thesis statement. For example,


Identify the impact that climate change will have on the global freshwater supply.


Keywords  Alternative Keywords


Impact*; Influen*, Factors; Caus*

Climate Change "Climate emergency"; " Climate Crisis" "Global warming"; Climate-Changing"; Anthropocene; and Drought


"Fresh Water"; "Hydrological Cycle"; "Surface Water"; and Groundwater 



Where Do I Find These Alternative Keywords

They're everywhere:

  1. Your Assignment

  2. Your Lectures and Lecture Notes

  3. Background Reference Sources

  4. OCtopus Detailed Record (Metadata)

  5. Books and E-Books check their indexes, bibliography, etc.

  6. Journal Articles check their abstracts, bibliography, references, works cited, etc.

  7. Textbooks

  8. Webpages - especially those from Universities and Colleges, Research Institutions, and government websites.

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