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GEOG 129 Human Geography: Resources, Development and Society - Winter 2024

Library Subject Guide for GEOG 129 Winter 2024

Developed vs Developing Countries

Developed countries, also known as advanced economies, are characterized as having a mature and sophisticated economy, usually measured by gross domestic product (GDP) and/or income classification. Their citizens have access to healthcare, enjoy food security, drink clean disinfected water, and can access higher education.

Developing countries, also known as emerging economies, are countries whose standard of living, income, economic and industrial development remain more or less below average as compared to a developed country. Their healthcare is often underdeveloped, their food security can be precarious at times, clean drinking water is not always available, and accessing higher education can be difficult.  

Least-developed countries also known as lesser-developed countries or less economically developed countries" (LEDC) often lack access to healthcare, regularly suffer from food insecurity, suffer from lack of access to clean drinking water, and very few citizens can undertake higher education.


Global Development a Historical Perspective

Indicators and Statistical Data

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