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Chicago Manual of Style Citation Guide


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Video & Film Citation Overview

Chicago provides guidance on how to cite various forms of multimedia in section 14.261.

The following elements are usually included:

  • Name of the person primarily responsible for the content (Examples: writer, director, composer)
  • Title of the work in italics (used for full work) or quotation marks (used for parts of a work), although exceptions do apply
  • Additional contributors, date and location of recording
  • Information about the publisher and date of publication
  • Information about the medium (Examples: DVD, MP3)
  • Additional relevant information about the source
  • URL, if online source

Chicago also provides specific details for online multimedia sources in section 14.267.

  • In addition to the information above, use the date accessed if no publication date is available
  • If the online version reproduces an original physical format, include details of both
  • Be wary of citing sources that are not compliant with copyright laws

Film on DVD

Citations should include the following elements: Director, dir. Title of Movie. Original Release Date; Location of Distributor: Name of Distributor, Item Release Date. Medium. 

For additional examples, see: Chicago Manual 14.265


6. Green Book, directed by Peter Farrelly. (2018; Universal City, CA : Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, 2019),


Shortened Note

6. Farrelly, Green Book.


Farrelly, Peter, dir. Green Book. 2018; Universal City, CA : Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. 2019. DVD

Streaming Video

When you cite a source from a subscription service (e.g. Netflix) or licensed database: (e.g. Kanopy), "name the database in lieu of a URL".

See section 14.11 

Note number. Producer or Director of video’s first and last name (if available), “Title of the film in quotation marks,” Name of production company, Copyright year, Name of Collection.

7. Roaul Peck, dir., " I Am Not Your Negro: James Baldwin and Race in America," Kino Lorber, 2016, Kanopy.

Shortened Note

Note number. Last name of Producer or Director (if available), “Title of the film in quotation marks,” Year.

7. Peck, ". . . Not Your Negro,"  2015.  


Peck, Raoul. "I Am Not Your Negro: James Baldwin and Race in America." Kino Lorber, 2016. Kanopy.

YouTube Video

"Most content on YouTube is created not by YouTube but by someone else, so the key to citing a YouTube video is to provide details for the item itself (by doing additional research if necessary). Then you can fill in the details related to YouTube (at the very least by including a URL)."  - from Chicago Manual at How do I Cite a Youtube Video?

For additional information on when to use quotation marks or italics in the titles of video and other recordings, please consult the Chicago Manual at  8.197: Recordings.


8. Black Strathcona. Black Strathcona: Vie's Chicken and Steaks, Uploaded February 16, 2014. YouTube video,


Note: Black Strathcona is the name of the organization that produced the video. No director is listed.

Shortened Note

 8. Black Strathcona.


Black Strathcona. "Black Strathcona: Vie's Chicken and Steaks." Uploaded February 16, 2014. YouTube video, 2:25.

TED Talk

Chicago section 14.267: Videos, podcasts and other online multimedia


9. Lindsay Morcom, "A history of Indigenous Languages - And How to Revitalize Them," January, 2019, TEDX

QueensU, video, 13:19,


Shortened Note

9. Morcom, "History of Indigenous Languages . . ."


Morcom, Lindsay. A History of Indigenous Languages - And How to Revitalize Them. Filmed January, 2019 in Kingston, Ontario. TEDX QueensU video, 13:19.

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