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GEOG 311-3-3 Environmental Management

This course guide is designed to assist students in understanding the complex issues involved in environmental management specifically climatic change and how the adoption of new policies and technologies can help to mitigate this crisis situation.

What Change is Expected in Canada's Climate

"Canada’s climate has changed. There is robust evidence of change across a broad range of indicators. The changes are described in considerable detail in Canada’s Changing Climate Report published by the Government of Canada in 2019.  The country is warmer—in fact, the warming in Canada was twice the global average, and the warming in Canada’s north was three times the global average. Many parts of the country recorded an increase in precipitation. Local sea levels rose in most parts of Canada. The area burned by wildfire increased. In the north, permafrost temperatures increased and began to thaw. Sea ice cover declined and thinned in the Arctic. Glaciers thinned and retreated. Some severe weather risks increased in frequency and severity."

Insurance Institute. 2020. "Climate Risks: Implications for the Insurance Industry in Canada." Accessed on February 11, 2021.

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