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GEOG 311-3-3 Environmental Management

This course guide is designed to assist students in understanding the complex issues involved in environmental management specifically climatic change and how the adoption of new policies and technologies can help to mitigate this crisis situation.

2014 Illecillewaet River Valley

On October 14, 2014, what is believed to be the result of a glacial lake outburst, triggered a landslide in the Woolsey Creek watershed, located on the eastern boundary of Mount Revelstoke National Park. The slide caused the Illecillewaet river water flow to increase six-fold in the time span of 2 hours. According to Environment Canada, flows went from 34 cubic meters per second at 7:45 PM to 185 cubic meters per second at 9:20 P.M., and did not return to normal flow levels until the next morning. 

Channeled Scablands

Many glacial lake outbursts occurred at the end of the last ice age.  Perhaps the best known in this region is the "Channeled Scablands" located in the southeastern area of Washington State.  The scablands were created by 40 cataclysmic floods Last Glacial Maximum and most probably earlier such floods over the past 2 million years.  These floods have come to be known as the Missoula floods (sometimes referred to as the Spokane floods)

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