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GEOG 311-3-3 Environmental Management

This course guide is designed to assist students in understanding the complex issues involved in environmental management specifically climatic change and how the adoption of new policies and technologies can help to mitigate this crisis situation.

Global Warming vs Climate Change

The phrases global warming and climate change are now common parts of the human vocabulary. Unfortunately, are viewed as having the same meaning. However, each has its own distinct meaning.

What is Climate Change?

Climate Change is the change in weather patterns caused by both natural and man-made activities. Such changes affect climate patterns at local and global levels. Such changes include rising temperature, precipitation patterns, wind patterns, melting glaciers, intensification of droughts, and increased desertification of the planet.

What is Global Warming?

Global warming is an indicator of climate change. It is defined as the increase in the average surface temperature on a global basis.

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