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Course Resource Lists with Talis Aspire

Introduction to OC's Online Resource List Software

About Talis Aspire

Talis Aspire is an online course resource list management system. Faculty and instructors can create lists for students, embed book chapters, articles, videos, and links to websites or other licensed resources in Moodle. 


  • Getting started - Create a profile, request a list for your course and add the Bookmarklet tool
  • Creating & Copying a List - Learn how to create and copy a Talis List
  • Add list to Moodle - Embed list sections or the entire list in your Moodle course page and add or edit sections
  • Add resources - Use the Chrome browser extension or Bookmarklet tool to add content to your list
  • Edit your list in Talis - Add or edit sections of your list or add content to your list using the system

About Talis

Benefits for faculty:

  • Drive the selection and purchasing of resources you want for your library collection and for your courses.
  • Easy to use. Instantly create, publish and personalize lists from within Moodle or within the system itself. Lists are available at the point of need, there is no need for students to search a separate system or visit the library website to access resources.
  • Ultimate control over list content, including weekly assigned reading material and other resources and the ability to create sub-categories, such as resources specific to a particular assignment. 
  • Web-based, no installation is required and access from any computer or device. 
  • Create links the library maintains. No need to copy and paste URLs.Talis creates persistent links to resources.
  • Link to online articles, websites, e-books, books in the library catalogue, training videos, and more. 
  • Create list sections, include annotations and highlight themes. For example, how much of a resource should they read? What pages?  What key themes should they focus on?
  • Easily identify new editions of texts.
  • Analytics and data on list usage and student interactions. 
  • Assists with copyright compliance through library involvement and through the use of permalinks. 

Benefits for students:

  • Easy and one-stop access to required and recommended course resources. Click to directly access resources. 
  • Personal record of engagement with resources. 
  • MyOkanagan login for authentication. 
  • Guidance notes from instructors and faculty. 
  • Responsive design suitable for all devices. 
  • Option to print, share, and export your list. 
  • Feedback button that goes directly to the Library.
  • Ability to filter and search within longer lists.

How is the Library involved?

  • Librarians liaise with faculty and instructors on list content and course resources to ensure they are up to date.
  • Professors and instructors request course shells through the Library. Once requestors are familiar with the system they can create shells without library involvement. 
  • The Library can assist with copyright questions. 
  • Place requests for new materials from within the system.

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