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Course Resource Lists with Talis Aspire

Introduction to OC's Online Resource List Software

How to Request or Add Digitizations to a List

How to Request an Item to be Digitized & Added to a List

  • Login to your Talis account. Ensure you have list publisher rights or you are the list owner. Contact your subject librarian if you need these permissions. 
  • If an item is not already in a list, add a record for the item that you want digitized. 
    • For example, bookmark a print book from the Library catalogue to pull out the metadata about the item. You can also use a source such as Amazon to pull out the information. 
    • Note: The request digitization option will only appear for items without a link/URL. If you bookmark an item from a source such as Amazon, ensure you remove the URL/link field before saving the item. 
  • Click the 3 vertical dots on the far right of the item you would like the digitization added to. 
  • Click 'Request Digitization'
  • Enter the relevant metadata about the item.
    • Note: If the item is a book, try to include both the ISBN and page span of the content. Particularly if you are uploading your own digitization and want it automatically added to the list without the need for library review. Without an ISBN and page numbers, the system will not be able to automatically conduct a copyright clearance check. If you leave out this information, the item will be flagged for library review before it appears in your list. 
  • If you already have a copy of the digitization (such as a scanned book chapter or a PDF), click the 'Choose File' button to add the file to your request. If you would like the library to scan the source and digitize it, you do not need to attach anything. 
    • Note: Articles and books are currently the only item types listed for digitizations. If uploading a PDF or item that does not fit these item types, you can select either and add XX to the required fields that are not applicable. 
  • Click next and add any required fields. Student numbers are the approximate number of students in your course. 
  • Add your contact information if these fields are empty. This will allow the system to notify you when the digitization is available from your list. 
  • If the digitization is supplied and passes copyright compliance checks, it will automatically appear in the list. If further copyright review is required, or the Library needs to digitize from a print source, the Library will review the request. You will receive a notification when the request is live in your list. 


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