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Course Resource Lists with Talis Aspire

Introduction to OC's Online Resource List Software

Benefits to Using Course Resource Lists

  • Easier access for students than a list of links, PDF files, etc. 
  • Ensures you are in compliance with Canadian copyright guidelines and legislation
  • Easier ongoing management of items in a list. Lists can be rolled over from course to course, semester to semester. No need to re-add items to a new Moodle course. 
  • Add items to a list using the browser extension to save time manually creating links, adding library database articles, linking to PDFs, and more. 
  • Integrate print and online resources into a single list
  • Update lists and content at any time, from any place, on any device (with Internet access)
  • Get assistance from the Library in managing your lists. Library staff ensure:
    • List details are accurate
    • Links are working and available for off-campus access
    • Content on lists is copyright compliant
    • Digitization requests are fulfilled
  • Usage analytics are available to show usage of resources on your list


Add the browser extension
  • Add the browser extension to your Internet browser (Chrome suggested), which allows you to add items to a list using a single click. 
Create a list in Talis Aspire
  • The title of your list should reflect the course code in Moodle if possible. For example, PNSG-116-071-Integrated Nursing Practice I-31866.202030. 
  • Alternatively you can name your list with the course code and name. For example, PNSG 116: Integrated Nursing Practice I
Organize your list
  • Organize your reading list by topic, week, unit number, or a combination of other ways.
Add resources to the list
  • Locate resources from physical the Library, the Internet, or online library resources.  
  • Request digitizations of physical items, such as book chapters.  
  • Use the Talis Aspire bookmarking browser extension to bookmark resources and add them to your list using a single click.
Request a list review
  • Publish your list and request a library review
  • Library reviews allow staff to determine if the library holds copies of the items in a list, it prompts the library to check links to ensure they work properly, and it begins a copyright clearance check for digitized items. 
Add your list to Moodle
  • Professors, instructors, or librarians (with editing teaching permissions for a course) can add a reading list to Moodle for easy access for students.
  • Add lists as a whole, section by section, or both
  • List owners/publishers can edit list items right from within Moodle, and updates made to lists are immediately reflected in Moodle after a list has been re-published and the course page is refreshed. 

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