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Course Resource Lists with Talis Aspire

Introduction to OC's Online Resource List Software

Creating Lists 

Please note that an OC Librarian can create a Talis list for you by submitting an Online Resource List Request form

  •  From the Talis homepage, click on “My Lists” 
  •  Click on “Create new list”
  •  For naming your list, we encourage you to use this format: CMNS-122-001: Professional Writing II.
  •  Provide a description that you would like your students to read. 
  •  Any list you create, you will need to select a node in the hierarchy. Since my course is CMNS 122, I would search for CMNS 122 in the course level and select it. If the course node is not available, we recommend that you assign the list to your department node so for CMNS 122 it would be Communications. You can learn more information about Node Hierarchy in our Training Materials.
  •  Provide the term the course will be offered

Copying Lists 

If you are finished with the term and planning to teach the course again with the same required and recommended resources, you will need to copy your list over to the next term. This will allow students to search for the list in Talis. 

  •  On your list page, click “Edit”
  •  Click “Copy List”
  •  Remove “Copy of” from the list name 
  •  Change the description 
  •  Change the term 
  •  You should keep the box checked so that you hierarchy associations from the old list are copied over to the new list. 
  •  Click “Create List”

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